Content must be approved locally to appear in the app

Clear content authoring pathway

Document authoring pathway
  • Local Administrators recruit local authors
  • Authors create the app content online
  • Authors select reviewers for peer-review
  • The system invites reviewers to comment on the content
  • Authors then review and accept or decline suggestions
  • Once the authors are satisfied, they mark their content for approval
  • Administrators perform final check and content is published to the app

Database Overview

Authors and Administrators login with their own email address and password

Each Trust has administrators who have full control of their app content. Local authors can edit their section of the app only. The app users can only view the published content that has been approved. The app will only display the current content (if the app has not been in contact with the server within 7 days, the app content will not be displayed).

Ignaz Handbook overview