Built for Clinical Governance

The app content automatically updates itself

"Full local control of the app content"
Effective clinical governance has been central in the software design. The project board has been mindful that the app is not a medical textbook, but it is also far more than an electronic version of a paper resource. It is designed to provide up-to-date local knowledge with automatic version control.

List of features

Automatic version control

  • App content written by local clinicians (customisable)
  • Content is ratified locally along document authoring pathways
  • App content will not display if no contact with the online database in the last 21 days
  • Cached content (no need for 3G/wifi to run)
  • Content authors receive emails inviting them to update before expiry
  • When expiry dates lapse: published contents automatically become un-published
  • Content has mandatory fields providing the app-user with department details
  • Immediate un-publish facility available 24/7 to content authors and administrators
  • Feedback built into the app to ensure app-user engagement and continual improvements